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Our focus is on the underinsured youth and families of Florida and Colorado.

Our mission with our clientele is to decrease symptoms related to trauma that are impacting the ability to thrive. We aim to achieve our mission through the use of cutting edge mental health technologies at an affordable cost.
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How can I get someone help?


We accept clients through school counselor referrals, online referrals, walk-ins, other non-profits, business partners, referrals from healthcare practitioners, etc.

Doctor's Desk

The Healing Collaborative's key demographic is children, teens, and adults ages 0-30 that experience adverse symptoms related to trauma. 

We will assess household disposable income for qualification. Our goal is to bridge the gap for individuals and families who are underinsured. Individuals and families that would qualify to receive services would be those that are not eligible for Medicaid, but also are not affluent enough to receive adequate treatment.

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