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In 2016, a reported 1,168 people committed suicide in the state of Colorado. It cost the state of Colorado over $1,000,000 per suicide in lifetime medical bills and other costs.


This is why our 5 year goal is to help 1,168 people in Colorado to receive cutting edge trauma treatment. And we could save not one, but 1,168 with $1,000,000 dollars.

We are so passionate about saving our young people. They are our future and their lives are invaluable.

Please help us by donating today!

To learn more about monthly donations or for other donation-related questions, please feel free to email us at or call or text (720)7655272.

$1000 provides one individual with 10 sessions of Brainspotting or 14 sessions of Neurofeedback

$500 provides one individual with 5 sessions of Brainspotting or 7 sessions of Neurofeedback

$300 provides one individual with a Brain map or 3 sessions of Brainspotting

$100 provides one individual with 1 session of Brainspotting

$70 provides one individual with 1 session of Neurofeedback

$50 provides one individual with a 30 minute Brainspotting session

$25 provides assistance with 1 to 5 co pays for an individual receiving services

Monthly donations also helpful! For $275 a month for the entire year, you can provide COMPLETE Neurofeedback treatment for one client! And for $75 a month, you can provide COMPLETE Brainspotting treatment for one client! Any monthly amount from $10 - $1000 is greatly appreciated!


750 E. 9th Ave., Suite 110

Denver, CO 80203

Tel: 720-765-5272

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